IOS RSS System Features:

  • Enterprise System
    IOS RSS is designed as a Multi-User, Secure Enterprise System allowing you to work and distribute device settings to anybody, anywhere, anytime within your organization. In addition, RSS is highly-scalable making its use economical for companies of all sizes.
  • Web-based Application
    Web-based interface simplifies access to the system. The only client software that need be installed is a web browser. The easy-to-use forms allow quick and simple access from anywhere in your organization.
  • Integrated Document Management System
    Documents can be attached to any entity in the RSS system allowing convenient access to instruction manuals, technical specifications and notes, drawings, and diagrams. The RSS Document Manager includes an advanced search engine that allows searching the contents of files.
  • Workflow and Job Packages
    Create job packages containing specific devices, pass them through a review/approve process and then distribute them to field personal. Monitor and validate that the configuration changes have been implemented correctly. Audit trails are created to help keep track of historical settings changes and current implementations.
  • Test and Maintenance Incident Management
  • Enterprise Level Security
    Access to all information is controlled by a user-customizable, role-based security scheme. Access can be granted or denied to departments, contractors, or other companies.
  • Extensible Reporting and Messaging
    Numerous reports can be generated in PDF, Word, Excel. HTML formats, saved, emailed, or archived.

Benefits of IOS RSS:

  • Increase Quality of Service and Efficiency
  • Manage Configuration Change Management
  • Enforce Accountability
  • Ensure Data Integrity and Security
  • Low Total Cost Ownership (TOC)
  • Easy to Learn
  • Highly Configurable
  • Options to Extend and Integrate